How To Keep Blonde Hair

Are you concerned about keeping your blonde hair healthy and shiny? It might make your head spin since you will experience issues such as dry hair, brittle hair, hair breakage, and even hair loss. So, if you want to keep your bleached hair healthy and shiny, read on. We are here to give you the best guide on how to keep blonde hair healthy to follow at home.

1. How to keep blonde hair healthy – What is bleached hair?

Hair bleaching can be defined as the removal of melanin from the hair using specific chemicals to help eliminate the original color of the hair. When melanin is depleted, the hair becomes lighter in color, such as white, gray, or yellow, depending on the hair material and bleach used. Bleaching hair allows you to dye it platinum, smoky color, light color, and other colors.

How To Keep Blonde Hair Healthy With Best Blonde Hair Treatments

Furthermore, depending on each person’s location as well as the darker the hair color, it will have to be bleached numerous times to entirely remove the original hair color. Bleach that can eliminate melanin is also known to contain a high concentration of chemicals that are damaging to the scalp and cause hair to become weak and brittle. This is also the reason why we have to know how to keep blonde hair healthy.

Hair bleaching is a relatively complex method that necessitates the services of a highly qualified and experienced hairdresser. Because, in order to bleach hair perfectly, the hairdresser must consider the quality of the hair, the proportion of bleach, the time of incubation, and so on. Additionally, you should only bleach your hair when absolutely required, and you should know how to care for your hair after bleaching so that the quality of your hair does not decline significantly.


How to keep blonde hair healthy – What is bleached hair?

2. How to keep blonde hair healthy – Harms of bleaching hair

Bleaching is offered in a variety of colors, including black, brown, purple, burgundy, blue, pink, and yellow. Bleaching blondes causes the most harm of all the colors. The concern now is whether the bleach will permanently harm your hair. And what happens to your hair after you bleach it to be blonde, which makes the way of how to keep blonde hair healthy play such an important role?

2.1. How to keep blonde hair healthy – High costs for bleaching hair

Hair bleaching is known to be fairly expensive, thus this is always taken into consideration before bleaching. Because you get what you pay for, fake bleaches of poor quality will have a significant impact on hair quality.


How to keep blonde hair healthy – High costs for bleaching hair

Next, because bleached hair fades quickly, you’ll have to bleach it again and again, which may cost a bit extra! Furthermore, shampoo and conditioner for bleached hair are extremely costly. Not only will you have to pay for the hair bleaching process but also how to keep blonde hair healthy as well!

Besides, not only is bleaching hair costly, buying bleached hair extensions from human hair bulk factories is, too. The hair bleaching process in hair factories is quite similar to that on your real hair. And to achieve blond 613 color and other blond shades, the workers may have to bleach hair many times, which may cost a lot.

2.2. How to keep blonde hair healthy – Weak and frizzy hair

Because these side effects are unavoidable, you are advised about them before bleaching your hair. Blonde hair is prone to breaking because it is dry, weak, and has split ends. Bleaching causes hair to lose moisture quickly by raising the hair cuticle and causing damage to the hair’s protein composition.


How to keep blonde hair healthy – Weak and frizzy hair

Regardless of how much you strengthen and restore your hair or your effort on how to keep blonde hair healthy, the structure of your hair will never be the same. You just have one choice: chop the bleached hair and start growing new hair.

In fact, due to such weak hair after bleaching, you shouldn’t apply any other styles on your hair using more heat or chemicals. You can trim or cut the bangs as it is damage-free, though. Many people care about how to grow bangs out fast, so you can also take it into consideration to style prettier bangs styles. Cutting bangs is literally the easiest way to make your bleached hair look more attractive.

2.3. How to keep blonde hair healthy – Burning and damaged scalp

Because your hair will be tortured for hours with bleach, the procedure of bleaching hair might be referred to as “torture.” It not only gives you a burning sensation, but it also affects your scalp. After using hair bleach, you may experience dizziness and light-headedness.


How to keep blonde hair healthy – Burning and damaged scalp

As the protecting oils and fibers from the hair shaft are stripped away, the hair gets thinner, dryer, and more damaged. Bleach will penetrate deep into the hair, making it thinner for the purpose of coloring. It becomes so hard when asking how to keep blonde hair healthy.

3. How to keep blonde hair healthy with best hair care tips

If you’ve bleached your hair or are thinking of dying it, you’ll need to take extra care of it. Just go for it if you like blonde hair. However, your hair care routine and style products will need to be tweaked. Using the proper products and taking the necessary precautions will help you maintain your blonde hair looking as healthy and shining as possible. Below are the best answers to how to keep blonde hair healthy.

3.1. How to keep blonde hair healthy – Follow proper hair washing routine

Because the coloring chemicals have not yet permeated deeply into your hair after bleaching or dying it at the salon, you do not rush to wash it. Because it’s simple for chemicals to vanish after shampooing. As a result, you should refrain from washing your hair for at least 2-3 days if you have coloured or bleached hair. You can still rinse and condition your hair if you don’t shampoo it for as long as feasible. Here is how to keep blonde hair healthy during your hair washing routine.


How to keep blonde hair healthy – Follow proper hair washing routine

  • Use a wide comb to gently detangle your hair before washing it. Limit untangling hair during washing because hair after bleaching is generally quite weak compared to hair in its natural state, making it easy to break.
  • Wash your hair with cool water in the summer and warm enough water in the winter. Avoid using hot water because it is extremely damaging to bleached hair and scalp.
  • Massage your scalp when shampooing to both relax and aid your scalp become healthier. Avoid scratching the scalp or pulling the hair with your nails at all costs. Because the hair has just been bleached, it is very weak; scratching or pulling the hair weakens it, causing hair loss.

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